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Still hurt

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Published on: July 13, 2009

So here it is Monday night a little after midnight and I still hurt from Saturday TKD even though I only did half the class before hitting some kind of metabolic wall. Things started off well and I went for maybe twenty or 30 minutes before I started feeling increasingly lightheaded. About five minutes after that started I started to gray out and my body felt about as weak as a kitten’s. Embarassing as hell.

I’ve gotten light headed from exercising before but that hasn’t happened in a while. All I can think of was that I’d eaten pancakes with syrup about an hour to hour and fifteen minutes before class and somehow all the sugar andcarbohydrates did something ugly to my insulin levels which, in turn, blocked access to some metabolic pathway. As far as I can tell, once I used up the fuel  stored in my muscles I didn’t have anything else available.Going forward I’ve got to skip the high carb breakfast on Saturday morning and get something with a little protein in me a couple hours before class.

Even with the limited workout I got I still feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach my Mike Tyson. Crunches and leg lifts with a 10lb medicine ball followed by some evil pike position followed later by another round of crunches has left my upper abdominals in agony.

10 weeks until the Fayetteville tournement

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Published on: June 11, 2009

So it’s going to be about ten weeks until the AMA tournement here in Fayetteville. I’m absolutely going to compete which means I’m going to need to set some goals, have a plan and track to that plan. So why not just go crazy:

10 week goals

  1. Increase the maximum height of my side kick by 12 inches
  2. Replace single front leg round kick with a reliable low-high / high-low combination (why throw one when you can throw two)
  3. Add a functional spin kick component to my bag of tricks (spin side, spin hook, spin heel)
  4. Lose 10 lbs of fat

So those are the goals. Now I just need the plan.

Spending time with an old bag

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Published on: June 9, 2009

So the gym fell through this afternoon so I spent some time going through pad drills one through five on the beat up old wavemaster in my garage. Not as rough as the typical class at the dojang but I at least got my heart rate up, worked up a sweat and wore the skin off one of my knuckles.

I asked the girls for a set of boxers hand wraps for Fathers Day.

TKD Belt Testing – Bumblebee and Senior Green

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Published on: June 8, 2009

korean-flag-largeEmily tested for her senior yellow today. She’s very enthusiastic but I need to spend more time working with her out of class on both her forms and the curriculum. I’m so proud of her. She has great enthusiasm and want her to build that pattern of success that will carry her forward in life.

Today was also belt testing for my senior green belt. As usual, I’m not too pleased with my performance. I thought I’d gone throught the forms enough but I got about halfway through Song Song and went completely blank. I was able to re-focus and start back up again and get through all 70 moves of Song Song and Yong Gom but I pretty obviously blanked in the middle.

We did the three Muay Thai mitt drills and I barely know the first.  It helps immensely to have a good pad holder and Gary helped me out alot by putting the pads where they needed to be. I just had to hit them. Still, I really need to spend more time on the bag at home to grind those drills into my reptile brain.

I didn’t puke in sparring and I didn’t turn into a punching bag. That’s really all I have to say about that.

The high point of testing was breaking three boards with a step behind side kick. We had two choices: three with a step behind side kick or two with a jump spin side kick. I took the easy way out and did the step behind since I knew I could pull it off. Next time I need to be as confident with the jump spin side kick.

So over all I’m about as pleased with my performance as I ever am which is to say, not at all. The strength training in the gym seems to be helping out with my power but I’m going to need to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the bag on the days that I’m not in class.

Blue Stripe Curriculum

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Published on: August 16, 2008

Emily will need to learn the following drills to move up to the kids purple dragon belt. Only purple and black little dragon left before she joins the big kid TKD class.

Red Stripe (pad work)

  • Left leg forward sparring stance
  • Right Punch, left punch, right elbow
  • Left switch knee, right round kick

White Stripe (sparring)

  • Left leg forward sparring stance
  • Fake step
  • Left outer forearm block, left low block, right outer forearm block, right low block

Blue Stripe (kicking)

  • Left leg forward sparring stance
  • Step together front leg round kick (instep)
  • Step together front leg side kick
  • Step together front leg front kick

Black Stripe (forms and basics)

  • Middle punch
  • Front stance both right and left

Escrima, sore shoulders and Zen Master Dogen

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Published on: March 13, 2008

It seems that every time I think that I’ve the body trained enough to work (well at least to get by if not perform at the level I want) without getting too sore, we do something different and I find a whole new set of muscles that haven’t been doing a damned thing for the last decade.

Last night we did some sparring and I took a shot right in the shin splint which is a whole universe of pain but following that we did escrima. Since I’d never done it before I didn’t get to spar with them but I got to practice the basic heaven six drill. I’m not used to having both arm up and swinging like that but I did get going pretty well with the gentleman who was teaching me the drill. So of course this morning my shoulders are both sore as hell. Fun though. I probably enjoy swinging a weapon more than trying to limber up and train my stiff old frame to be one. Which means, of course, that I need to focus more on the latter.

On a totally different note, my wife got me the zen day calendar for Christmas. I’ve had one page that I saved sitting on my desk for the last two months so I thought I’d put it here as well just so it doesn’t get lost:

Refraining from all evil, not clinging to birth and death, working in deep compassion for all sentient beings, respecting those over you and pitying those below you, without any detesting or desiring, worrying, or lamentation – this is what is called Buddha. Do not search beyond it.


When I first read this I got stuck on the respect/pity part but, after thinking about it for a while, that is probably a reaction to how we frequently conflate pity with superiority rather than simply recognizing pity as sympathy and sorrow for the pain of others. Similarly there shouldn’t be resentment in admitting that there are people with a clearer view and greater compassion than my own any more than I would resent admitting that there are people who are better at math.

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