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Frustration and mining

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Published on: February 28, 2013

2013. After rejoining EVE I spent the last week getting my space legs back, catching up on what’s been happening and looking for a new corp. Exploration is proving to be a little more profitable than I remember with a number of anomalies to exploit and highsec Omber / Jaspet asteroid fields to mine out.

A lot of the pilots I’ve talked with look at scanning as a necessary evil in order to locate anomalies, wormholes other ships hiding in the dark of space but I’ve always found it to be a relaxing activity. Just drop probes, jump to a safe point in empty space, cloak, and start hunting snarks.

So far it’s been pretty profitable. I’m not in nullsec or w-space so the profits aren’t astronomical but in the last week I’ve pulled in enough to buy a new Hulk for when I feel like mining and fit it with a decent T2 tank for when the hulk hunters show up. A couple more days and I’ll be able to field a swarm of T2 drones which should make me a less tempting target. I hated getting up for a quick bio break only to come hear the horrible alert indicating that attackers have burned through shield, armor and are chewing away at my ship’s hull.

Exploration does have it’s annoyances, however. After scanning down and looting a particularly nice Radar site I was pinning down the location of the last signature on my list. A few scans and I was down to a 1AU scan radius and it has still refused to resolve so I knew it was going to be something interesting. Sure enough, another Radar site but the Explorodrake couldn’t get it to resolve with seven probes in space and a 0.25AU scan radius. In the words of Tim Taylor, I needed more power.



Fortunately, I still had my scanning frigate. After docking at my home base and switching to the Resonator I decided to fit a pair of Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs for just that little extra oomph. I now had a 30% boost to scan probe strength from the Resonator and another 20% from the new rigs. That radar signature was mine.

Or so I thought.


It’s not like I slacked on training my exploration skills. Sure, I don’t have them all at level 5 but with a 5 in Astrometrics, a 4 in Astrometric Rangefinding, a 4 in Astrometric Pinpointing and a rigged exploration frigate I should have been able to scan down anything in high security space. I don’t know what was in that radar site but like Fat Bastard and babies, I really wanted it in my cargo hold.


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