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Frustration and mining

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Published on: February 28, 2013

2013. After rejoining EVE I spent the last week getting my space legs back, catching up on what’s been happening and looking for a new corp. Exploration is proving to be a little more profitable than I remember with a number of anomalies to exploit and highsec Omber / Jaspet asteroid fields to mine out.

A lot of the pilots I’ve talked with look at scanning as a necessary evil in order to locate anomalies, wormholes other ships hiding in the dark of space but I’ve always found it to be a relaxing activity. Just drop probes, jump to a safe point in empty space, cloak, and start hunting snarks.

So far it’s been pretty profitable. I’m not in nullsec or w-space so the profits aren’t astronomical but in the last week I’ve pulled in enough to buy a new Hulk for when I feel like mining and fit it with a decent T2 tank for when the hulk hunters show up. A couple more days and I’ll be able to field a swarm of T2 drones which should make me a less tempting target. I hated getting up for a quick bio break only to come hear the horrible alert indicating that attackers have burned through shield, armor and are chewing away at my ship’s hull.

Exploration does have it’s annoyances, however. After scanning down and looting a particularly nice Radar site I was pinning down the location of the last signature on my list. A few scans and I was down to a 1AU scan radius and it has still refused to resolve so I knew it was going to be something interesting. Sure enough, another Radar site but the Explorodrake couldn’t get it to resolve with seven probes in space and a 0.25AU scan radius. In the words of Tim Taylor, I needed more power.



Fortunately, I still had my scanning frigate. After docking at my home base and switching to the Resonator I decided to fit a pair of Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs for just that little extra oomph. I now had a 30% boost to scan probe strength from the Resonator and another 20% from the new rigs. That radar signature was mine.

Or so I thought.


It’s not like I slacked on training my exploration skills. Sure, I don’t have them all at level 5 but with a 5 in Astrometrics, a 4 in Astrometric Rangefinding, a 4 in Astrometric Pinpointing and a rigged exploration frigate I should have been able to scan down anything in high security space. I don’t know what was in that radar site but like Fat Bastard and babies, I really wanted it in my cargo hold.


Doctor Praetorius flies again

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Published on: February 23, 2013

After a brief return to Star Wars: The Old Republic to play with Emily I realized just how tired I was of the whole themepark game model. Same as before, static game world, static story, static gameplay. I’ve been following CCP’s merger with White Wolf and their plans for a World of Darkness MMO for a while now which got me thinking about EVE again. I’ll still play SWTOR with Emily as F2P when she wants to but for my own game time it’s back to playing in the sandbox with internet spaceships.


After reconnecting getting back into things I started where I’d left off with a little exploration. Bounced around Lonetrek and scanned down a low rent pirate complex and, surprisingly, a pair of ladar sites. I can’t say I’d ever seen gas mining sites outside of wormhole space and 0.0 before so I was more than a little surprised. One I probably would have ignored but ignoring two was like ignoring a burning bush that sang a song about free money.

So what did I need to get started with gas mining? Well there was the 30M ISK skillbook to start with. Pricey but not a huge hit to my wallet. Next up were a pair of cloud harvesters at another 3M each. Then came the realization that I can’t fit them to the Explorodrake. D’oh! Need a boat with turret hardpoints so I locate my Hulk which is parked a few systems away. A few jumps later and I learn I can’t fit the gas harvesters to a mining barge either. I guess they’re serious when they mean those strip miner slots are strip miner only.

At this point I’m beginning to question whether this was a good idea but decided that I’d succumb to the sunk cost fallacy and forge ahead by buying a new hull. Osprey acquired. Not too small and has some decent mining bonuses.

Or at least it used to. Apparently CCP revamped a lot of ships in the last year and completely reset the Osprey from a mining cruiser to a low rent fleet support boat. Damn thing has only one turret hardpoint now. This is really starting to look like a losing proposition but I forge onward and fit some random crap to the cruiser, jump to the gas site and start mining while I do the research I should have done first.


Thirty minutes later I’ve picked up one of the new Venture mining frigates, fitted it with the gas miners, put the pointless Osprey hull back up for sale and I’m happily strip mining nebulae. I’m still down by close to 40M but I’ll have to console myself with the fact that lessons and skills have been learned, a ship fitted and I now have the ability to exploit the one exploration site that I previously had to ignore.

Now I just need to mine 40M in gas…

Not quite Dora the Explorer

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Published on: June 29, 2012

I’ve been kicking around ideas for what it is that I want to do in EVE. I’m not committed enough to want to start my own corp, solo hisec mining ops are okay when I feel like reading or am just generally braindead but are otherwise boring, I still haven’t decided on whether I want to move out to 0.0 and, if so, what corp I should court, and finally whether I can reasonably join a w-space corp with only 7.7 million skill points. While I figure this out I decided to fit out a Drake and do a little exploration.

Tooling around Lonetrek high and low sec for an evening with my new Explorodrake (as opposed to the Explododrake) I started hitting Radar sites one after another. I don’t know if CCP increased their spawn rate but I can’t recall getting so many hits in so short a time the last time I tried exploring. Three Local Guristas Mainframes later and I’m up 20 million for the evening not counting whatever the looted blueprints are worth.

The thing about exploration is that it isn’t consistent isk unless you’re working lowsec, 0.0 or w-space. I did well tonight but that is no guarantee that I won’t spend the next week digging up nothing but wormholes, grav sites and pirates. I’m working on a long circular route through Lonetrek’s seedier side of high security space and the less frequented low security space. It’s a nice break from grinding out L3 missions in order to get updated implants on the cheap.

Now I just need to decide whether I should allocate more training time to my astrometrics skills. I’ll certainly need them if I decide to go live in a wormhole.

What to do…

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Published on: June 28, 2012

Thanks to my wonderful wife I now have a brand new Star Wars Limited Edition XBox 360 so now I can get off my computer and start hogging the TV in the living room. Finally started playing Skyrim (arrow to the knee etc) and moving from a PC to a console is taking a little acclimation. I haven’t used a game pad in years and have to retrain my hands.

I love Star Wars but SWTOR is taking up less and less of my game time these days. I’m mostly just grinding out the story lines at this point and have no interest in end game. I spent years raiding in WoW and end game in TOR is looking increasingly like end game in Wrath of the Lich King with its interminable dailies. Consequently, the EVE icon on my desktop has been getting a lot more activity.

Diablo 3 has been fun but after the initial burst of activity it’s really not that different from Diablo 2 apart from having more flexibility in skill selection and fewer consequences for poor skill choice. It’s a nice break from other games but in the end it’s a gear grind with a pretty skin. Great in terms of a Skinner Box but the awareness that it’s a Skinner Box tends to detract from the enjoyment. Each game is functionally the same challenge as the last unless you switch between difficulty modes. Normal is pretty easy with a pretty steep curve from there. Nightmare and Hell modes require a very different play style than Normal. I cannot imagine what Inferno is like but I suspect it’s unplayable by anyone but the Koreans.

I’ve been kicking around ideas regarding what it is that I enjoy in games and what drives me to continue them. What it is that draws me back to a game after other games fall by the wayside and the lessons I’ve learned from the mistakes of both successful and failed games. I’m no game designer but maybe someone will run across my blog and decide to build that game.


What? You mean it was a scam?

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Published on: August 13, 2011

One of the largest EVE scams finally closed it’s doors netting the perpetrators over a trillion in ISK which is valued about about $50,000 it you translate that into plex/game time. I remember seeing somebody pimping the Phaser Inc ponzi scheme some time ago in Jita and dropped a little math on him but apparently even nerds playing internet spaceships can be suckered by the siren call of a deal that is just way too good to be true.

I have to hand it to the two guys who ran it (Eddie and Mordor), this scam was unbelievably successful and far more clever than the standard hot, lonely teenage girl scams or even the manipulation of buy orders and contracts via Margin Trading.

The Phaser Inc website is closed with this message:

Today is the day many expected to come.

Today, the 12th of August 2011, is the day where it all comes together.
Phaser Inc. is done, over, finished.
After a stunning period of eight months, we decided it’s enough. 

No more new accounts. 
No more mails.
No more payout days.
No more ISK.

No more Phaser Inc.

Most likely, this will cause a lot of questions.
The most important question will be answered right here, right now.
The ISK is gone; you will not see it ever again.
You’ve invested it, got a chance on some profit, but it turned out to be not the best choice you’ve ever made. That’s how investing works. At least, that’s how it went for the most of you.

Epic way to part a host of fools from their money guys. P.T. Barnum is applying to your corp from beyond the grave. Well played.

Bridging the gulf with EVE

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Published on: August 10, 2011

I never talk to my brother which a lot of people find strange because we’re twins. I don’t really know what it is but  it never occurs to me to pick up the phone and call him. It works the same for him. No big deal really. I love him and sometimes think about him but we never pick up the phone.

EVE OnlineSo one afternoon I posted a random error message from EVE online to my facebook page: insufficient power. About an hour later my brother responded with another warning from EVE online: I cannot set a waypoint to the same location twice. We’d been playing the same online game for years.

A few days later I logged into EVE and had an email from my brother so I added him to my watch list. A couple days after that we happened to be online at the same time and started chatting. Mostly a little catching up but he recommended that I look into joining his corp.

A few days after that I’d applied to and been accepted to his corp. Since then I’ve had more communication with my twin than I’ve probably had in the last five years combined. I know what he’s up to with his college and internship, how things are going with his kids and generally have regular conversations with him via corp chat and our personal channel. I’ll probably get him a headset with a mic for christmas so we can actually talk to each other.

After decades of only rarely speaking I now have frequent chats with Scott and he’s even on board for my guild/social experiment idea in Star Wars: The Old Republic when it launches.

Memento redux

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Published on: March 29, 2011

Jyllian and I were talking the other day and she mentioned the “bug sack”. The “bug sack” was a set of green baby pajamas with little bees on it for the infant Emily but it didn’t have legs. It was just a sack on the bottom like the PJs Sweet Pea wore in the old Popeye cartoons but was my favorite thing to dress Emily in. I’d completely forgotten about it.

I’ve always sort of looked as life as pouring through me like water through a sieve. Sometimes things stick and change how it flows but mostly days are ephemeral things. Maybe it’s because I’m getting a little further on in years and I know that I won’t be around forever to sieve time’s passage but I wonder what it is that I no longer remember and whether I have too large a set of gaps in that sieve.

I know that I need to spend more time keeping track of what happens if only so I’ll have reminders of what my life was when I’m to old to remember without assistance.

Since it’s been a while, here’s the short list of things:

  • Emily is doing well with her choir
  • Making a concerted effort to get the yard under control
  • Quit EVE, started Rift, stopped Rift, playing EVE
  • Eating about 80% primal
  • Lost probably 15 pounds in the last three months.
  • Grumpiness is fading and seems to be replaced with a sunnier outlook but that could just be spring
  • Planning to run a guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Work is still work
  • Halloween work needs to get underway soon

What I did over the weekend.

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Published on: February 28, 2010

But it was for a good reason as I was helping Kurt and Tanya move into their new place. It’s really nice and the view from their deck is going to be amazing in the spring and autumn. Emily spent the afternoon playing with Annie and I helped move stuff from the old house to the new. I may end up going bow hunting with Kurt this autumn if the whole diet and exercise plan pays off. I’d considered working out when I got home but was pretty wiped out and still sore from Thursday.

Jyllian has been sick with the stomach flu or something so we stuck close to home on Sunday. I read a chapter out of my python book, got some other reading done, goofed off on EVE, puttered around the house and looked after my girls.

My diet pretty much sucked on Saturday. Sunday was a little better.

I start running again tomorrow. I’m really not looking forward to it.

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