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The Game(rs) Plan for Fitness

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Published on: February 25, 2010

I’ve been thinking for some time regarding motivation and how to get my doughy ass into shape. I work in the computer industry and am a gamer which generally are not conducive to physical fitness in and of themselves. I want to be fit and healthy and strong so I can continue to enjoy life with my wonderful wife and see my daughter graduate college and move on to her life. So how do I map this goal onto my mmo mentality?

The answer came from an xkcd comic in which a stick figure was doing pullups to level up STR before running to level up CON. I’ll just map activities onto the D&D stats with the intention of “leveling them up”:

STR – Stronglifts 5×5 strength training
INT – Nonfiction reading, mathematics
WIS – Meditation, reading philosophy
CON – Couch to 5K running plan
DEX – Start TKD again once I’ve gone six months or so on the STR and CON.
CHA – Lose weight as a side effect of STR and CON, maybe moisturize more often.

STR and CON training will need to alternate days so I’ll probably alternate INT and the reading aspect of WIS so the initial schedule will look like this:

Mon – CON + INT
Tues – STR + WIS
Wed – CON + INT
Thu – STR + WIS
Fri – CON + INT
Sat – STR + WIS
Sun – Slack

Next up, the World of Chorecraft…

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