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Published on: July 19, 2020

It’s been a long week so I only have the basic WASD controller set up with a proper state machine. Now I can run around the featureless checkerboard plain with a few amenities like

  • walking around a featureless checkerboard plain
  • autorunning around a featureless checkerboard plain
  • autowalking around a featureless checkerboard plain

I’ll add jumping on a featureless checkerboard plain a little later once I decide how to pass the collision detection to the state machine as well as a few other movement states:

  • free fall
  • sliding down slopes

No point in either of those yet since there’s no falling off or sliding down this which is good since the “player” has no rigidbody and only translates along the (x,z) plane. Baby steps.

Bare bones character controller for movement testing

Since running around a featureless plain isn’t particularly fun, it’s time to add some features to the environment. I could hand edit the Unity Terrain assets but since the goal is to go full Dwarf Fortress on the world generation (well maybe half-assed Dwarf Fortress) we’ll be starting with plate tectonics and building the terrain up starting with geologic time.

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