Call me Sisyphus

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Published on: September 22, 2018

I don’t know why I continue to use Windows. Every single god damned thing feels like pushing a giant rock up a hill. I’ll admit that the fact that I’ve been doing most of my work on Linux for the past twenty years inclines me to use the linux idiom for getting things done and I’m likely just not thinking like a Windows user but my god does MSFT make doing things other than what they want to you to do in the way they want you to do it a massive pain in the ass.

I started using computers with nothing but a command prompt and while I appreciate some of the amenities of modern computing, I’d still like a marginally functional command prompt with a reasonable set of tools. I swear it takes me ten times as long to get basic work done in Windows than it does in Linux.

I think the only thing that is keeping me from just installing Ubuntu on my desktop is my recollection of how clunky desktop linux was a decade ago and my continuing vice of playing MMOs.

Also, I’m back from training people in what can only be described as a suburban Hellscape. How do you politely tell someone that you’d rather put a gun in your mouth than live in the same community they’ve chosen to make their home?

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