Steak and ML

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Published on: August 19, 2018

Achievement: HAL 8999 – 2/100

  • Completed chapter 1 of Hands On ML and worked through the exercises
  • Modified yesterdays example to also do both k-nearest-neighbors with both three and four neighbors. Four neighbors was further from the linear regression than three demonstrating that more is not always better.

Short list but Ch1 is something of an overview so a lot of concepts get thrown in with not a lot of context or depth of discussion so I found I got to the end and had a hard time connecting what I’d read with the specific questions asked at the end of the chapter. I ended up paging back through the chapter to locate the answers to questions which were oddly specific as opposed to focusing on the broad underlying concepts.

The fact that I did a chunk of the reading while grilling tri-tip and elote and then later when in the post steak and mexican corn food coma might also be part of why and ended up paging back through the chapter so much.

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