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Published on: November 12, 2013

flyinganimals-14So another Halloween has come and gone. Our 13th wedding anniversary was a success. The wife has a new job that she loves and the kid has a new school that she also loves (although the homework slightly less so). I reconnected with my brother and we’ve been playing SWTOR and talking over mumble. We’re starting what is probably one of the more politically incorrect guilds in recent memory so be sure to look for us on Anita Sarkeesian’s blog, Jezebel, and the View in the coming months as we attempt to explain that it’s all in fun and what the British mean by “taking the piss”. Our oven dying an untimely death by thunderstorm right before Thanksgiving notwithstanding, things are good.

As I pack away and make minor repairs on my Halloween decorations it’s also time to start coming up with ideas for next year. I need to redo my graveyard fence, not so much because it is need of repair but that it can be improved. I don’t think I can reattach the head to “the guy” who I had hung from a gibbet in the front yard. He’s been hanging from a tree limb or a gibbet for about five years now and a windstorm finally popped his head off. I could probably reattach the head but I’d never be able to hang him from it again.

Now the gibbet is very simple construction: two 4x4s in a slightly offcenter ‘T’ formation. Nothing special but great for hanging a body from. I like the hanged man idea and I’m cheap so the first thing that occurs to me is that I can still hang him from the gibbet. I just need to make it a nice even ‘T’ and then tie his arms to the crossbars with the rope he’d formerly been hung with. Simple…

And then I remember where I live. I’m contemplating putting what can only be considered a crucified skeleton in my front yard. Yeah, no way someone can take that the wrong way.


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