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Published on: January 18, 2013

fitocracyIt being a new year I thought about doing the standard resolution thing but that’s never really worked for me. I stick with things for about a month and then slide back into my old habits. A couple years ago I’d talked with my friend Clint regarding reframing lifestyle and fitness goals as a game but my initial implementation lacked the feedback mechanisms of a true game so it didn’t kick off the usual OCD obsessiveness with which I approach accumulating achievements in the various MMOs I’ve played. I’d created my own Achievements page but, again, didn’t have the feedback mechanisms in place to motivate my inner, lever pushing, monkey.

A few days ago, Jyllian, wonderful woman that she is, pointed me at HabitRPG. Someone else had a similar idea but implemented it in a much better way. The reddit thread on it also reminded me of Fitocracy which has a similar level/achievement based approach motivation so I spent some time today at lunch setting both up. HabitRPG will be used to gamify behaviors that I want to promote and avoid while Fitocracy will be used to deal specifically with the physical fitness and diet goals.

Lets see if the habits developed in decades of gaming can drive changes in Real Life.

//also, i get xp for blogging :)

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