Why I quit SWTOR and what I want in MMO design

The following is a wall of text I dumped on the SWTOR forums outlining why I unsubbed from the game and some wishful thinking about what I’d love to see in an MMO.

I unsubbed some time ago but still look in on the forums to see how the game is doing. I followed this game’s development for longer than I’ve followed anything pre-release; virtually from the beginning. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and had high hopes for SWTOR.

Visually the game is beautiful and well executed., the stories are, for the most part, engaging, and the voice acting was surprisingly compelling. The game executes exceedingly well on a number of points but unfortunately falls woefully short of the mark on many others.

In the end, SWTOR took the themepark model of MMOs to its extreme resulting in what is essentially a single player game where people play near each other but only rarely with each other. This is exacerbated by the use of companions. You really only need to group for flashpoints, operations and heroics.

A wish list for the next MMO in case any developer happens to read this. With intelligent programming a lot of this could basically run itself.

I know it looks like a lot but a lot of the underlying mechanics can be implemented programatically resulting in a world that changes over time and a player experience that changes based on the decisions that the individual makes.


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