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Published on: June 29, 2012

I’ve been kicking around ideas for what it is that I want to do in EVE. I’m not committed enough to want to start my own corp, solo hisec mining ops are okay when I feel like reading or am just generally braindead but are otherwise boring, I still haven’t decided on whether I want to move out to 0.0 and, if so, what corp I should court, and finally whether I can reasonably join a w-space corp with only 7.7 million skill points. While I figure this out I decided to fit out a Drake and do a little exploration.

Tooling around Lonetrek high and low sec for an evening with my new Explorodrake (as opposed to the Explododrake) I started hitting Radar sites one after another. I don’t know if CCP increased their spawn rate but I can’t recall getting so many hits in so short a time the last time I tried exploring. Three Local Guristas Mainframes later and I’m up 20 million for the evening not counting whatever the looted blueprints are worth.

The thing about exploration is that it isn’t consistent isk unless you’re working lowsec, 0.0 or w-space. I did well tonight but that is no guarantee that I won’t spend the next week digging up nothing but wormholes, grav sites and pirates. I’m working on a long circular route through Lonetrek’s seedier side of high security space and the less frequented low security space. It’s a nice break from grinding out L3 missions in order to get updated implants on the cheap.

Now I just need to decide whether I should allocate more training time to my astrometrics skills. I’ll certainly need them if I decide to go live in a wormhole.

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