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Published on: June 28, 2012

Thanks to my wonderful wife I now have a brand new Star Wars Limited Edition XBox 360 so now I can get off my computer and start hogging the TV in the living room. Finally started playing Skyrim (arrow to the knee etc) and moving from a PC to a console is taking a little acclimation. I haven’t used a game pad in years and have to retrain my hands.

I love Star Wars but SWTOR is taking up less and less of my game time these days. I’m mostly just grinding out the story lines at this point and have no interest in end game. I spent years raiding in WoW and end game in TOR is looking increasingly like end game in Wrath of the Lich King with its interminable dailies. Consequently, the EVE icon on my desktop has been getting a lot more activity.

Diablo 3 has been fun but after the initial burst of activity it’s really not that different from Diablo 2 apart from having more flexibility in skill selection and fewer consequences for poor skill choice. It’s a nice break from other games but in the end it’s a gear grind with a pretty skin. Great in terms of a Skinner Box but the awareness that it’s a Skinner Box tends to detract from the enjoyment. Each game is functionally the same challenge as the last unless you switch between difficulty modes. Normal is pretty easy with a pretty steep curve from there. Nightmare and Hell modes require a very different play style than Normal. I cannot imagine what Inferno is like but I suspect it’s unplayable by anyone but the Koreans.

I’ve been kicking around ideas regarding what it is that I enjoy in games and what drives me to continue them. What it is that draws me back to a game after other games fall by the wayside and the lessons I’ve learned from the mistakes of both successful and failed games. I’m no game designer but maybe someone will run across my blog and decide to build that game.


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