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Published on: October 9, 2011

Screw you.

Stop trying to make the American public even more ignorant of chemistry, biochemistry and science in general with ridiculous statements like “sugar is sugar”. Certainly you’ve covered your ass by comparing HFCS to table sugar (sucrose) but the statement “sugar is sugar” is flat out incorrect.

Don’t believe me? Try eating a cotton shirt, the cotton fibers are composed of cellulose which is just a chain of glucose molecules, the same glucose molecules that are in table sugar and HFCS. So smile, tell me that sugar is sugar and the body doesn’t care, while you sprinkle wood chips on your oatmeal. Later, when you’re getting your stomach pumped, we can talk about why you can’t digest the sugar in cellulose.

The fact is that different sugars are processed by the body differently. Glucose is immediately accessible to the cells while fructose and galactose need to be processed by the liver. Sucrose and HFCS contain different ratios of glucose and fructose and so while they both spike your blood sugar and put on the road to diabeetus, one of them will hit your liver a little harder.

In the end, I guess it’s true that there is little difference between the consumption of table sugar and HFCS which you have rebranded as “corn sugar” (although that’s more traditionally the term for dextrose). Consumption of either in anything remotely like the amounts common in the US are going to result in obesity, diabetes and a host of other related health issues. If the father on your most recent round of commercials were even remotely concerned for the health of his child he’d cut both corn and table sugar from her diet and return them to the status of a rare treat that processed sugars once were.

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