Pulling the Trigger

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Published on: August 12, 2011


I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic very loosely based on Buddhist ethical principles. I think it might be a good thing and to some extent might act as an antidote to some of the more egregious behavior that is becoming the norm in MMOs. Bioware has provided a system with which you can pre-register a guild and I’m already camping the name I want (Luminous Beings) but I’ve held off on recruiting because it’s difficult to know what a person is like until you’ve actually played with them.

When it comes down to it, forming a stable guild with a purpose other than having a cool tag over your head is a daunting endeavor. It’s like starting a business, you need to identify the value proposition which will set it apart from other guilds, prepare documents like a mission statements, procedures and an org chart. Once it’s more than a few people you need to appoint officers and delegate authority. There’s a guild bank to manage and the internal culture to develop. And then there’s the drama. No guild of more than five people is complete without drama.

So the question before me is this: do I pull the trigger and begin development of a guild website, charter, mission statement and code of conduct before I know more than a couple people in this game? My old guild isn’t migrating from WoW and I’ve been out of touch with most of them for over a year so I’ll essentially be starting from scratch.

I’ll guess I’ll put off the website decision for a while as I get the mission statement, organization, and code of conduct put together.

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