Sunburn for Father’s Day

I had so many plans for this weekend. I had a list of things to do in the yard, was going to take the rug rat out to see Kung-Fu Panda II and grill up a tri-tip the size of my head. But first I was going to spend Saturday at the lake with my friend Jim on his boat.

We had a great time. The kids got to waterski, I drove the boat a bit, everybody swam and the lake was surprisingly clear and cool. It wasn’t perfect; we had a little trouble with the boat starter and got a tow from a nice old man named Mike until Jim figured out the problem (starter interlock hadn’t released because the boat was not quite in neutral) and Emily twisted her ankle when she got yanked out of the skis at one point (she was grumpy for about an hour after that but turned it around).

The day went on a few hours longer than expected and we didn’t get home until ten. By that point it was clear that the sunscreen was not quite as waterproof as they advertised and, while I’d reapplied it to Emily, I’d failed to reapply it to myself. She had a nice pink burn on her cheeks and thighs. I had something much worse shaping up on my shoulders and upper arms.

Sunday and Monday I wasn’t able to life my arms above my shoulders let alone put on a shirt and spend the lion’s share of both days sleeping in between applications of Solarcaine and Ibuprofin. Emily is doing better but took it easy both days as well. I’m back at work today although the seams on my shirt feel like they’ve been sewn with barbed wire.

On the up side, my wonderful wife and daughter gave me two strings of prayer flags from Nepal and about five pounds of incense for Father’s Day.

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