Kite flying on a blustery day

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Published on: April 3, 2011


It was a nice but windy day so after I finished my allotted time working in the yard we went by Toys R’ Us, picked up a kite and spent a few hours down in Gully Park trying to keep it up in the air. Unfortunately it was a little too gusty and the kite a little too lightweight to stay up for long periods without divebombing into the ground. Still, it was fun and I got to answer her stream of decidedly odd questions about things like “why people who want eternal life really want eternal youth” and then trying to explain to her why I wouldn’t want either.

The you can’t see in the the pictures but the kite was a Star Wars: The Clone Wars kite with Yoda on it. Emily chose it because she knows how much I like the little Jedi Master.

She doesn’t quite get why I like Yoda more than the Sith since my wardrobe clearly marks me as one of the Dark Lords.

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