Still hurt

So here it is Monday night a little after midnight and I still hurt from Saturday TKD even though I only did half the class before hitting some kind of metabolic wall. Things started off well and I went for maybe twenty or 30 minutes before I started feeling increasingly lightheaded. About five minutes after that started I started to gray out and my body felt about as weak as a kitten’s. Embarassing as hell.

I’ve gotten light headed from exercising before but that hasn’t happened in a while. All I can think of was that I’d eaten pancakes with syrup about an hour to hour and fifteen minutes before class and somehow all the sugar andcarbohydrates did something ugly to my insulin levels which, in turn, blocked access to some metabolic pathway. As far as I can tell, once I used up the fuel  stored in my muscles I didn’t have anything else available.Going forward I’ve got to skip the high carb breakfast on Saturday morning and get something with a little protein in me a couple hours before class.

Even with the limited workout I got I still feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach my Mike Tyson. Crunches and leg lifts with a 10lb medicine ball followed by some evil pike position followed later by another round of crunches has left my upper abdominals in agony.

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