Belt test results – Success and disappointment

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Published on: June 11, 2009

So I did advance to senior green but my average score wasn’t as high as previous tests and I got my first “Needs practice”.

Boxing & Pad work

Intensity : Good
Punching from Guard: Needs Practice (I’m dropping my hands)
Hip & Shoulder Twist: Excellent
Stance: Excellent
Flow: Excellent


Control: Outstanding
Combinations: Excellent (Combos are two or three moves, try to extend to four and five if possible)
Set Balance: Outstanding
Overall Confidence: Outstanding

Forms and Basics

Stances: Excellent
Hips: Excellent
Reaction Force: Outstanding
Intensity: Good
Sine Wave: Excellent
Focus: Excellent

I’m still on Song Song and Yong Gom forms so I can take the next 90 days and really focus on my pad work and keeping my hands up as well as go through both forms and make sure that I’m not getting sloppy with my stances and I’m really dropping into the moves and getting that extra snap into them. Fortunately, Mr Price and the sparring class is really helping with learning to keep my hands up, I dropped them a few times last night when I was tired and almost got my head knocked off.

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