Flying Trolls, Smelly Dinosaurs and Self-Induced Sinus Pressure

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Published on: January 5, 2009

Conversations with my daughter

Emily: Daddy, I need help.
Me: Sure, what with?
Emily: Well… I was playing a jumping game with my dolls and sort of forgot the “no throwing” rule and one of my trolls is behind the bed.

After the troll extraction from behind the guest bed I notice that she has the TV on to the cartoon network which is playing Jurassic Park III. After I warn her that the show might be scary she responds

Emily: That’s okay, you’ll protect me.
Me: Yeah I keep the dinosaurs out of the house.
Emily: You’re silly, dinosaurs are extinct. And I don’t mean they stink, I mean that they are EX-tinct.

Following this I go back to the bathroom where I’ve been going through a number of gyrations trying to get the water out of my sinuses. Following the wisdom tooth extraction over the Christmas holiday I noticed I have a small channel from one socket up into my sinuses. I was careless with the water-pick and apparently blasted some water up through this channel and into my sinus cavities. Woo fun.

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