Games my daughter plays

So this evening when I got back from TKD I went in to give my little girl a kiss goodnight and she announced that even though the light was off she was playing a game; a game about a great warrior and his wife and how they had adventures and fought monsters and aliens. She knew the warrior was great because he had a dragon around him that made him elite.

This evening, the part of the warrior was to be played by a Puss’n’Boots doll and the part of the wife by another doll who, although not a cat, was to be treated as one for the purposes of the game. After I had given her a kiss and closed the door she yelled that they also had children but the children didn’t go on the adventures until they were older.

A few days ago she very meticulously arranged her dolls and ponies on the stairs but was quite secretive about what they were doing and why.

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