Shin splints

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Published on: March 10, 2008

So apart from a nasty case of the flu I’ve been going to TKD pretty regularly. I’m totally wiped out when I walk out of the dojang but at least I’m not crippled by sore muscles. Jyllian says I look like I’m losing weight which is one of reasons I love her: she lies.

No, having made my way through the tortures of sore muscles I had about a week before my body decided to again remind me that I was fast approaching middle age. It started out small, just two little sore spots on the fronts of my shins. Just enough to make me think “that’s odd, I didn’t know I had muscles there to make sore”. And over a week it blossomed into feeling like leprechauns with baseball bats were trying to knock their pots of gold out of my pant legs.

Skipped a few times and have just done push-ups, sit-ups and kicks at home and I’m about ready to go back on Wednesday. I’ll just have to take it easy with the jumping rope until whatever I tore up has a chance to rebuild.

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