Tending my garden

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Published on: February 8, 2007

I spend a fair amount of time reading and occasionally posting to the political threads on fark.com.  It isn’t a terribly worthwhile way to spend my time but I do occassionally learn something.  The trade off is that I see a lot of flame wars and hysterical posturing.  On the whole it’s pretty depressing that people refuse to come to an agreement solely so that they can have an excuse to argue.

There is one good thing that comes from it though.  After having read a particularly egregious flame war where the same people argue the same points, present the same evidence and are met with the same denials, I can look out my window into my back yard.  The fence could use some mending and there are leaves to rake and burn.  The bare flower beds will need attention come spring as will the complete absence of flower beds in front.  There’s a bit of an erosion issue over by the double gate that I’ll need to figure out but, apart from that, I’ve gotten most of the drainage problems sorted.

I can’t affect the budget deficit or the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. There are people who hold their beliefs in the defiance of logic. evidence and basic reason whose minds I cannot change. I can’t shape the world or direct it down the paths I believe are ethical and good.

I can, however, bring order and beauty to a small part of the world. I can work ethically and contribute in a small way to the betterment of millions of lives. I can exercise, meditate and cultivate compassion. I can raise my daughter such that she has the opportunity to be strong, loving, gentle and wise. I think that’s probably enough work for anyone.

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