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Published on: August 19, 2011

My knees hurt a little the other day. It’s not entirely unexpected, I’ve had issues with my knees since I fenced too much in college with too little warmup and I’ve been loading about ten pounds a week onto my squats. I took some ubuprofin, glucosamine and chondroiton and took an extra recovery day.

Yesterday: same deal. Not as bad but I figured I’m over 40 so being conservative with the joints was a good idea.

Now not only do my knees still hurt and feel “full” but the second knuckle joints on my right middle and ring fingers feel the same. WTF? I don’t even work those. My left shoulder, however, is just fine even though it’s always been a little stiff.

About the only change in my diet is that I added milk because I was worried about making sure I got enough calcium and protein to support the extra stress I was putting on my body. I guess GOMAD is not in my future (not that I was GOingMAD to begin with). Back to salads, veges, water and meat.

So, in conclusion, don’t grow up kids. Stop aging once you hit about 26 because it’s all downhill from there. If that isn’t an option, get fit as hell in your mid twenties and hang onto it. Trying to reverse a decade of bad food and no exercise in your 40s is not an easy road.

Started strength training again

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Published on: December 2, 2010

I slacked off on lifting weights again but I’ve cleaned up my garage gym area and have started lifting weights again. The program is the basic Stronglifts 5×5 which I will follow until I reach the following goals:

Squat: BW x 2
Bench Press: BW x 1.5
Overhead Press: BW
Deadlift: BW x 2

I’m not setting a goal for my bodyweight. Diet and exercise will determine how much it decreases as I pursue the strength training goals but if I’m still at 200lbs after 90 days I’ll need to reassess that decision.

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